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Oxi Out Sealer

Product Code: OX01

Price: $10.00



The OXI-OUT is a brand new product. It gives you a nice air tight seal to keep all your food's vitamins and minerals intact. It stops oxidation of your food and subsequent oxidation of your body.

Oxi-Out comes in three different colours (purple, white and yellow) and in two different sizes (small and large).


They are fantastic for sealing frozen vegetables such as peas, corn, carrots etc... Even bags of chips you havent finished.

Vegetables in your fridge last a lot longer when using the Oxi-Out.

Hate rice going everywhere? Then Oxi-Out is for you, a simple click then your rice will stay in the packet, germ and bug free.

Being a small, light and easy product makes the Oxi-Out great for all kinds of situations such as camping, backpacking, home use, industrial and more.

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