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Flat Slicer 2, 4 & 7mm

Product Code: FLS3

Price: $35.00



Flat Slicers are available in different thickness. The use of the safety handle is highly recommended. Allow the cap of the safety handle to drop exposing the six steel pins. Insert the vegetable onto the pins, hold the cap and place the handle with vegetable onto the slicer board making sure the arrows on the safety handle are at the sides on the board. This will ensure that nothing will hit the blade except the vegetable. The cap will push the vegetable forward as you slide the handle up and down the board.

The flat slicer will allow you to make even slices very quickly.


  • The size of the blade is available in 2mm,4mm,7mm.
  • 2mm Ideal for salad pieces and sandwich fillings.
  • 4mm,7mm Ideal for barbeque onions and potatoes, also riper tomatoes.
  • Can be used for fruits, vegetables and cheese

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